Saturday, July 25, 2009

7/25/09 Getting "High"

When I was young, I really wanted to get as 'high' as I could possibly get on whatever, though mostly pot. I wanted to get as "out of it" as I could. After about 7 years of that, I stopped altogether to see what life would be like, and here's what I found out.
1. I was chronically depressed before I ever tried drugs, so, at first, the drugs made me feel better. What amazed me later was to find out that, yeah, initially they made me feel better temporarily, but eventually that "being high" caused me to feel more depressed. After I quit, I felt much better overall.
2. My drug of choice, weed, takes away my motivation. Period. So, all my time not spent at work, I was spending getting high, and I wasn't happy with where I was at in general in life, but I also wasn't doing a darn thing to change it! I was just too busy getting high to make any changes in my life, or to work for something more. That was a vicious little circle, believe me!
3. All the other drugs are scary. I watched a special many years ago on how cocaine was made, and I was appalled. Then I heard how Meth is made, and let me tell you, I wouldn't drink a gallon of gasoline - I also won't do those drugs! Designer drugs with household cleaning products in them! Good Lord, there's only so much one body can take in abuse in one lifetime, and I don't feel comfortable taking any of them!
4. Now, I have drank alcohol over the years, but that has changed also. When I was younger, it was about getting "high", obviously. Then I gained a few years and began to have hangovers. That'll put it all into perspective! First, cheap sweet wines went out the window. Second, mixing different liquors, third, I began to make sure that I drank plenty of water beforehand and quit trying to eat food afterwards (not good for me!). Fourth, you decide that you don't need to get stumbling drunk so you try to find your "window" and stay there. Finally, you get a little buzzed and just go to bed. It ultimately becomes "not worth it!".
5. Getting high actually (on a spiritual level) disconnects you from the earth. This is why you can be so inspired and intuitional (connected to spirit) but you can't remember what your thoughts were, and you lack implementation (grounded or connected to the earth). We are meant to be creatures that strive toward balance in our lives (6=balance=harmony=good times), but getting high takes us out of that arena. If we do this often enough, we become fractured individuals and have no balance, no harmony, and ultimately, no good times. Ergo, depression (self loathing).
So, if you know someone that needs an education on drugs, here's what I learned over time about getting high. There is a place for it in our lives, but it is a small place that should never be given too much time or energy. We need to maintain our balance to fulfill our destiny(ies). -ag

7/25/09 Obama's Heath Care Plan

Ok, first, I listened to our new presidents news conference, and, hey, I'm sorry, but I still like the guy! He's smart, and he is more than willing to stick his neck out there, even if it's just to get loped off! And, I tell you, that I have watched the shrinking of the middle class, and the ever-widening gap between the "haves" and the "have-nots", and I am appalled that the richest in our country are the biggest babies in the world about spending money. They act like they are entitled to the money, and that it's not a gift of spirit, and they are wrong!! They act like they owe nothing to the rest of us, but they do, and this is why.
1. I am your brother/sister, however you want to say it. All the major religions of the world say it, and that is because it is true. If you let me down, then you let a little piece of yourself down as well.
2. The difference between what a doctor "makes" in a year has changed dramatically in the last 50 years. Doctors could and did make good money, but a good portion of them practiced in places that didn't have a lot of revenue, but they still managed to make a living. The vast majority of them worked with what there patients could provide, and didn't refuse treatment due to the patient's poverty level. When it's all about money, my friends, then we have lost our humanity, and the hypocratic oath might as well go out the window. All professionals are making way, way above what normal wages are in this nation, and personally, I'm disgusted by it. Disgusted by our inherent greed.
3. Money is a product of this world only, so you won't be taking any of it with you when you die. It is a resource that is meant to be USED, and if you use it for the benefit of all of mankind, think of the energy that you are spreading; good feeling, good times. Now, think if you kept it all to yourself, never benefiting anyone but yourself. That energy is sticky and dark.
We need health care reform, and we need it now. If Obama's idea isn't correct, than at least try it and then tweak it to something better. Like all institutions in the government, it will eventually evolve into what it will be anyway. There are so many people who do not have health care, and personally, I am about 3 paychecks away from not having it myself. So, please, think about it. It's my own personal "no body left behind" sort of program.

Monday, July 20, 2009


So, my next rant is about all these conservatives in my state/area, that are preaching the end of the world and the destruction of all we hold dear.

Wow, Obama's been in office less than 6 months, and you're already blaming him for every consequence of Bush's presidential decisions and policies. You've already established that you believe everything will go to "hell in a hand basket". But here's what you don't realize.

Your fear is eating you, like a unbidden monster. Your fear makes you ripe for manipulation by the ones who sling that destructive message around. Your fear makes you weak, at a time when you need your strength the most.

The end of the world has been predicted since forever. There have always been those people who have "seen" the end, and want others to believe that the end is imminent. Neither I nor you know when the end of times is here. Right here, right now, we can make a difference in our immediate world, and potentially the globe, but not from a weakened place of fear. We can only have a positive effect from a strong position of hope, courage, and peace in our hearts. There's no room for peace in a heart full of fear.

You talk about your religion like it means something to you, and yet you do not follow the tenents of your greatest prophet, your savior! You believe that torture is OK, as long as it insures your safety (By the way, torture does not insure your safety). Yet, would Jesus follow that same path? Do you think that he was sometimes afraid to turn the other cheek? I feel that he sometimes had second thoughts, but he set that fear aside so he could give us a message of peace and love; compassion for our fellow man. He wouldn't have approved of torturing prisoners, and neither should you. He wouldn't have approved of the messages of doom and gloom that you spread like a disease. He would have had a message of hope and love. And you know it.

So, get over your fears. It is time to set them aside so you can join the ranks of life that is worth living, and make a better place for your children and their children, and so on. Have the courage to not only believe what you believe, but to act in a manner in accordance with your religion. Get a grip, please. Not all is doom and gloom, and although the economy may get worse before it gets better, we will weather this a lot better than a poor person in the third world. So why all the wailing and gnashing of teeth?

Why not hope for the best and work for that, as well? Would it really hurt you that much to have a positive attitude and belief in your God? I don't think so. And quit spreading your disease onto the masses. None of us need to hear your message of doom.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


So, I recently installed the internet, and boy have I been playing! I found a game to play, not WOW, but very much like it, and was instantly hooked. We won't go into the fact that I have an addictive personality, but suffice to say, I played it as much as humanly possible. Finally, I think that compulsion has worn a bit thin. And one of the problems I have with this type of game is the inevitability that you have to have friends to make it through certain places, and I feel more comfortable working alone. I like games and puzzles, but if I screw it up, I'd rather be the one who gets the hit, if you know what I mean.
I have also joined up with a couple of groups in the city who are involved with metaphysics and all things related, and so hopefully this will get me out of my shell a bit and out there with more people. I think I'll leave the game alone for awhile, and try real life (yuck!).
Do you know what's weird? I know what I need to be doing to get my life in the right place, and I'm not doing it! I wanted to find a symbol for "obey the direction of God / Obey the will of spirit" so I could prominently display it, in the hopes that this would remind me to get this done!
I'll meditate on that and see what I come up with. Later -ag