Sunday, June 21, 2009

Jimena Rants

Well, this is cool! I needed a place to set down my thoughts, other than the 5 or 6 random notebooks lying around my house, so I have this place now. You may not want to read my random thoughts..that's O.K.
It ain't about you!

First thought: We attract the sickness (darkness /disfunction) in others that resonates to our own sickness. We have to heal ourselves of our own sickness before we can begin to change what we attract to ourselves, and move on to something different.

This, of course, explains my love life! And you can bet that the "something different" is a sickness all it's own. There's the rub! Life is just a wheel.....

Second: The fruit falls from the tree to rot in the ground. The seed within feeds off the fruit, germinates, and reaches out in the darkness for nourishment and stability. Finding that which sustains life, and taking root, the seed then pushes through to the surface, to be reborn, to touch the light of day, and find a new life to experience full of it's own challenges.

So, when you are in the darkness, reach out for your nourishment and stability to you can have 'roots'. Personally, I would suggest that you look for this nourishment from those people who love you unconditionally. 'Nuf said. -Jimena