Saturday, July 25, 2009

7/25/09 Obama's Heath Care Plan

Ok, first, I listened to our new presidents news conference, and, hey, I'm sorry, but I still like the guy! He's smart, and he is more than willing to stick his neck out there, even if it's just to get loped off! And, I tell you, that I have watched the shrinking of the middle class, and the ever-widening gap between the "haves" and the "have-nots", and I am appalled that the richest in our country are the biggest babies in the world about spending money. They act like they are entitled to the money, and that it's not a gift of spirit, and they are wrong!! They act like they owe nothing to the rest of us, but they do, and this is why.
1. I am your brother/sister, however you want to say it. All the major religions of the world say it, and that is because it is true. If you let me down, then you let a little piece of yourself down as well.
2. The difference between what a doctor "makes" in a year has changed dramatically in the last 50 years. Doctors could and did make good money, but a good portion of them practiced in places that didn't have a lot of revenue, but they still managed to make a living. The vast majority of them worked with what there patients could provide, and didn't refuse treatment due to the patient's poverty level. When it's all about money, my friends, then we have lost our humanity, and the hypocratic oath might as well go out the window. All professionals are making way, way above what normal wages are in this nation, and personally, I'm disgusted by it. Disgusted by our inherent greed.
3. Money is a product of this world only, so you won't be taking any of it with you when you die. It is a resource that is meant to be USED, and if you use it for the benefit of all of mankind, think of the energy that you are spreading; good feeling, good times. Now, think if you kept it all to yourself, never benefiting anyone but yourself. That energy is sticky and dark.
We need health care reform, and we need it now. If Obama's idea isn't correct, than at least try it and then tweak it to something better. Like all institutions in the government, it will eventually evolve into what it will be anyway. There are so many people who do not have health care, and personally, I am about 3 paychecks away from not having it myself. So, please, think about it. It's my own personal "no body left behind" sort of program.

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