Monday, July 20, 2009


So, my next rant is about all these conservatives in my state/area, that are preaching the end of the world and the destruction of all we hold dear.

Wow, Obama's been in office less than 6 months, and you're already blaming him for every consequence of Bush's presidential decisions and policies. You've already established that you believe everything will go to "hell in a hand basket". But here's what you don't realize.

Your fear is eating you, like a unbidden monster. Your fear makes you ripe for manipulation by the ones who sling that destructive message around. Your fear makes you weak, at a time when you need your strength the most.

The end of the world has been predicted since forever. There have always been those people who have "seen" the end, and want others to believe that the end is imminent. Neither I nor you know when the end of times is here. Right here, right now, we can make a difference in our immediate world, and potentially the globe, but not from a weakened place of fear. We can only have a positive effect from a strong position of hope, courage, and peace in our hearts. There's no room for peace in a heart full of fear.

You talk about your religion like it means something to you, and yet you do not follow the tenents of your greatest prophet, your savior! You believe that torture is OK, as long as it insures your safety (By the way, torture does not insure your safety). Yet, would Jesus follow that same path? Do you think that he was sometimes afraid to turn the other cheek? I feel that he sometimes had second thoughts, but he set that fear aside so he could give us a message of peace and love; compassion for our fellow man. He wouldn't have approved of torturing prisoners, and neither should you. He wouldn't have approved of the messages of doom and gloom that you spread like a disease. He would have had a message of hope and love. And you know it.

So, get over your fears. It is time to set them aside so you can join the ranks of life that is worth living, and make a better place for your children and their children, and so on. Have the courage to not only believe what you believe, but to act in a manner in accordance with your religion. Get a grip, please. Not all is doom and gloom, and although the economy may get worse before it gets better, we will weather this a lot better than a poor person in the third world. So why all the wailing and gnashing of teeth?

Why not hope for the best and work for that, as well? Would it really hurt you that much to have a positive attitude and belief in your God? I don't think so. And quit spreading your disease onto the masses. None of us need to hear your message of doom.

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