Sunday, November 29, 2009

11/29/2009 - Aye, yih, yih!

Well, I’ve managed to forget just about everything I said just a month ago. My intentions are great, my follow-threw blows! Ding Dag Nab It!

What would it take to be mindful of God, appreciate my good qualities, forgive my bad ones, and make peace in my heart? What would it take to clean off my table and pull out my sewing machine? What would it take to grab my guitar and sit down to a daily session? What would it take?

A rubber band around my wrist, maybe? A daily affirmation from some new age internet site? Something I would see every day and be mindful of – I need some lipstick so I can write on my mirror!

I’m not as bad as I think, and not as good as I act, ya know? -ag

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